Grana Padano Wheels

Boni Spa sells every year more than 200000 Grana Padano DOP wheels. All these are produced in cheese factories of the area, mostly Mantova, Brescia, Piacenza, Trento and Cuneo. All of them are stored in Boni warehouses for the seasoning and the quality control that can last over 20 months especially for the “Riserva”. Different levels of seasoning are aimed at fully meeting with the requests of the market.


Average weight: 35÷38 Kg
Ingredients: milk, salt, rennet, lysozyme as preservative ( derived from egg ).
Storage and Seasoning Temperature: +16°C / +18°C
Minimum seasoning: 10 mesi


Grana Padano “fresh” (meaning aged 12 months) is extremely perfect on dishes that require baking or grill. In fact the softness of the cheese and its still relatively high moisture contents enhance the taste and flavour of grilled and baked dishes. Furthermore, Grana Padano fresh, is very good in preparing sauces as it melts very well in the liquids. This type of Grana Padano is also perfect to be added on meat carpaccio, ham and salami, artichokes and mushrooms as it matches greatly with all these so different flavours echalting their tastes

During the preparation of meat fillings, vegetable, nuggets and omelettes if you use Grana Padano of medium seasoning (12-16 months) you get great results; the taste, although very strong, it does not affect the other flavours but links them together, highlights them, makes them more harmonic. Other than that, this type of cheese allowes you to prepare very tasty ricecakes.

Hard long seasoning cheese (18-24 months),once hot, get harder much slower, this is due to the already decomposed casein .With such grana padano you can greatly cook all long lasting dishes which can be consumed after plenty of time .


When the cheese reaches the seasoning required, part of the wheels are sold as a whole. Other ones they are cut in slices and packed.

Traditional horizontal cut

(Half wheel)

1/32° of wheel

( ab.1 kg piece)

1/16° of wheel

(ab.2 kg portion)

1/8° of wheel

(ab. 4 kg piece)

1/4° of wheel

( ab.8 kg piece)