The recipe of Melanzane alla Parmigiana


Wash and peel the aubergines. Cut them in thin slices (2/3 mm) and place them in a bowl covered with salt to let out the bitterness. Let them rest for 30 minutes.
Prepare the tomato sauce: place the tomatoes in a pan with a spoon of oul and let them cook with the lid on low heat. Rinse the aubergines in order to remove the salt. Once is done, dry them, cover them with flour and fry them with olive oil.
In a baking tray, make a thin layer of sauce at the bottom. Arrange a layer of fried aubergines on top of it and cover again with a layer of sauce some Parmigiano Reggiano and mozzarella in cubes. Repeat the operation and finish with a layer of sauce and Parmigiano Reggiano Boni.


Put the aubergine pan in oven at 200°C and leave it there for 30 minutes till the top is well baked and  brown