The recepy of "Tortelli Verdi"


"Tortelli verdi" are a typical dish from Parma and Reggio Emilia. The delicacy of the ingredients is perfect in order to enhance the flavor of Parmigiano Reggiano.


Cook the spinach and the beets into a large pot with little water, after washing them and cleaning them.
After cooking them, squeeze the herbs and chop them, put a base of: lard, butter and (possibly) a spoon of oil and fry for a few minutes a pinch of onion, garlic and parsley until the onion is transparent. Add chopped herbs and cook them, mix them with the aromas and seasoning, then add a bit of salt. When the cooking is finished, add a little salt (up); When the cooking is finished, place the herbs in a bowl and, when cooled, add the grated cheese and mix it all with a spoon or spatula and taste the result. Add a few spoons of fresh ricotta and an egg (two if the filling, so prepared, is in large quantities)."


Spread on the board the pastry, made with eggs and flour only, paying attention to cover the part  not used in that moment so that it does not get  too dry. Put small "nuts" of filling on the pastry at regular distance. Fold the dough  and press  with a fork the edges so to well seal the "tortelli" without air inside. Cut the "tortelli" and put them on another board or tray well covered with flour and go on till all the dough and filling is finished.


Is always better to not let too much time between the preparation of tortelli and and the cooking (few hours).
In any case you can keep the tortelli in the fridge for a couple of days adding a bit of flour in order for them not to stick to each other. Boil water with salt in a pan and the add the tortelli, a few at a time,mix gently with a wooden ladle.
Cook for a few minutes (from 6 to 10) according to the time they have been prepared and the quality of eggs and flour: better cook them ""al dente"", but not too much. Gently take the cooked tortillas with a perforated ladle and, after having carefully drained them, put them in a bowl seasoning them with grated Parmigiano Reggiano and butter."


Place on a plate then tortelli and season them with melted butter flavored with sage and grated Parmigiano Reggiano on top.