The recepy of the risotto alla parmigiana


Meat broth is one of the main ingredients of the Emilia culinary traditions.

It can be prepared with beef meat or veale and beef meat toghether. Boil the meat in slighltly salty water and when ready, add an onion, a carrot, one celery and one tomato. Let it cook for two hours and a half. If using veale and beef meat toghether, remember the first one cooks much faster than the other.
When ready, take the meat out of the water and drain it.


Chop the onion and let it fry in a pan toghether with 50 gr of butter. When the onion will start getting a gold colour, add the rice mix and pour a glass of white wine togheter.
At this point, proceed with the cooking of the rice while adding the broth and keep mixing it.
At the end of the cooking (roughly 18 minutes) add salt, butter and grated Parmigiano Reggiano Boni.
Before serving it, let it stan for 2-3 minutes.