Boni Spa high quality is recognised worldwide

Boni spa is constantly putting effort in order to obtain the highest level of satisfaction of the final consumer, ensuring all the activities, from the production process till the post selling service, are done with the highest quality standards. Boni Spa offers high quality products recognised worldwide.

HACCP(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)

The introduction of HACCP in the UE food hygiene legislation involves both the Company and the Authority responsible for the official control in a profound change in the concept of control and safety of foodstuffs. This is all aimed at the prevention of the sanitary risk, through systematic control of the entire production cycle. The manufacturer is fully responsible for product safety and production process.

Certifications BRC and IFS

Boni SpA operates in its warehouses according to internationally recognized BRCGS and IFS standards, with the aim of providing to the Modern Distribution, products that can assure the quality and safety to the final consumers. Since 2004, Boni SpA has higher – lewel certifications according to BRCGS standards, the British Retail Consortium, ie the British GDO consortium, and since 2006 according to IFC, the French and German GDO association. These certifications demonstrate the company’s commitment to safety and quality in compliance with the rules governing the agri-food industry.