How to enjoy Grana Padano everywhere

In order to enjoy Grana Padano everywhere, Boni Spa created a practical packet with a small wedge. Perfect for a quick lunch, snacks, aperitivi or pic-nic. The 10/12 months maturity gives a very delicate and soft flavour to the cheese that can be eaten simply with crackers or bread. Grana Padano, due to its dietary and nutritional characteristcs, is perfect for the diet of adults and kids.

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Plastic Resealable trays

Thermoformed in protected atmosphere, fixed weight. The freshness is guaranteed, as it was just cut.

Shelf life: 180 days
Storage temperature: +4°C / +6°C
Vacuum Packaged

This packaging gives to the cheese the longest shelf life.

Shelf life: 180/360 days
Storage temperature: +4°C / +8°C


Seasoning: 10/16 months
Ingredients: milk, salt, rennet, lysozyme as preservative ( derived from egg ).