Over a century of quality and passion.

Boni Spa produces Parmigiano Reggiano since 1912. Mario Boni was the one to build in Parma one of the most important dairies of that time.

A story of success .

With the contribute of his family, he started the process that made Boni company the first producer of Parmigiano Reggiano as well as one of the major company in wholeselling and seasoning of Grana Padano. This places Boni Spa among the leading companies operating in the hard cheese sector, confirming the market's leading position with annual sales of over 19,000 tonnes.

The company is now managed by the fourth Boni generation.

Selling to the main national and international supermarket and distribution chains, Boni SpA, thanks to its historical experience, production capacity and quality of service has gained the trust of the market protagonists.

An ancient family tradition

Renato Boni, current President of Boni SpA, tells that his father, Oddone, took over his grandfather Mario in 1951 and moved the first dairy to Colorno. The production at that time was 15/20 wheels per day but constantly growing.

In 1973, a seasoning warehouse was opened with attached offices and dairy and the Grana Padano trading started. Since then, the company became a spa and started the vacuum packing of the cheese.

In 1998, a farm was purchased for 350 hectares of forage cultivated land and stables with 1200 milk cows. Today, more than 400 hectares are cultivated with a farm of 2000 heads.